Want to... 'add a little bit of spice' (if you know you know).... to your tee or sweatshirt? Well now you can by adding a cute little hand painted sleeve design to your garment! 
Your text will be written in my basic handwriting which I promise to make neat hehe. You can choose what colour text you would like.
Please don't make your text too long, remember it has to fit on your sleeve and I'm sure you want to be able to see it so it has to be big enough!
I've done some digital examples so you can get a feel for the font and some inspo.
Please ensure you write your text exactly how you want it to appear eg. positioning 
healing is
                 not linear
Choose which sleeve you'd prefer and for which garment in your order it's for! 
Custom text is for sweatshirts only.

Custom Text - Additional Sleeve Design