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About Abbi Olivia Designs

Heyyyy... I'm Abbi, the 22 year old gal behind everything here at Abbi Olivia Designs. I work as chief designer, painter, illustrator, social media manager, parcel packer and most importantly assistant tea brewer (my mum made me change this). When I'm not at my desk you will find me in the houseplants section of the garden centre or a cute coffee shop.

I started all this fresh out of college in 2018 after learning lots of lovely arty skills but struggling to figure out what to do with them. So after lots of experimenting with products and techniques, I went back to basics with a brush and some paint and absolutely loved it... I practiced and painted lots of random things before I discovered the wonders of fabric paint and painted my first denim jacket! From there my LOVE of fabric painting grew and tah-dah here we are!!

Abbi Olivia Designs aims to bring you cute, fun and impactful designs for you and your home, made with care. 

From clothing and accessories to gifts and homeware, I'm hoping there is something for everyone!


I work from our little dining room which I've tried to make as cute and creative as possible, it's filled with houseplants (perhaps an unhealthy amount), pretty prints from small businesses and cosy corners! 


I also spend a big chunk of my time walking and looking after my lil puppa Sybil who is a mixed breed Romanian rescue! She is the actual best so please know that your orders will most likely provide treats for this little lovely!