I absolutely LOVE hand painting your order, it makes every item extra special AND helps minimise my environmental impact. Painting instead of printing keeps the manufacturing process down to just the making of the tee and then I do the rest at my little desk, sooo once the tee is made there are no more factories, machinery or harmful chemical inks... just me!


Tees - My t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and are ethically and sustainably produced. Fair trade and PETA approved vegan fabric.

Sweatshirts - Sweats are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Manufacturer is part of the 'Genuine Responsibility' scheme that helps with creating ethical production and using eco friendly manufacturing processes.

Totes - Ethically and sustainably produced, cotton canvas made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. 

Accessory Pouches - 100% organic and fair trade cotton canvas

Prints, cards and badges

Prints / cards - These are now printed on to recycled card and packaged in biodegradable cellophane sleeves

Badges - My lovely badges are made by the wonderful Jeff and the Squirrel and are made from responsibly sourced wood using solar energy with a ZERO plastic coating made from corn starch AND the whole product can be composted after use, just recycle the pin!


Mailing bags - I use 100% recyclable paper mailing bags with paper tape and even recyclable stickers. The tissue paper and packing confetti is also recyclable, along with your thank you note!

Cellophane pouches - The bags are made from NATIVIA® is a new generation of bio-based biaxially oriented flexible packaging films made of PLA polylactic acid from NatureWorks. Thanks tothe bio-based content and the lower consumption of energy, PLA delivers a lower carbon footprint and additional end of life options compared to mostoil-based plastics. All NATIVIA® films have achieved the four-star OK Biobased certificate from Vinçotte and are approved for industrial composting.

Re-using - Sometimes, because I'm human... I run out of stuff which means I head over to my stash of packaging where I reuse mailing bags and sometimes bubble wrap and plastic packaging. If I do this I always urge you to carefully open your parcel and keep reusing the packaging!