Repair & Rework

NEW year, NEW service! YAY!

I initially started this lil business working on giving old items new life and I absolutely loved it soooo as my new years resolution is to use my creativity to make more things I adore, I'm making it a main focus for the year!

This is amazing news for you guys because it means something new and exciting...

I'm now offering a repair and rework service for your items!

You can send me your own items to paint!

Got something down your fav tee? Found a cute vintage jacket but it's got a stain?  Worn your fav hoodie to paint in?

Let me fix it up! I can cover stains, marks and damage no matter how big or small with beautiful hand painted designs,

giving your old piece a new life and most importantly saving it from the bin! 

Here's how it'll work...

1. Submit the form below with your info and details about the item you want painting.

2. I'll send you over a price quote for your design. Prices start at £8 for teeny fixes and will increase depending on your design.

3. From the details you gave we can figure out the perfect design for you through email and when you've decided on your design I will send you an invoice via email to make your order. 

4. It's now your job to send me your item. I'll send you the address but please address it with your name so I can keep track of your order easier!

Postage costs for shipping to me are your responsibility.

5. Once your item has arrived I can get painting. When I'm all finished I'll email you a photo to make sure it's perfect then ship it back to you, the cost of this is included in your quote don't worry!

Tahhhh - Dahhhhhhh a fresh beautiful item!! 

Repair & rework service

Want any extra painting on other areas of your item. This can help blend in your new design if it's in a obvious place!
Thanks for submitting, I'll get back to you with a price quote via email ASAP!
 Please allow up to 24hrs for me to respond, Thank youuuu - Abbi xx